2 de outubro de 2009


WEB SLEUTHS! We're trying to track down this laptop as a fun exercise. It
was stolen from me in Buenos Aires, Argentina, inside the Centro Cultural
Borges (http://www.ccborges.org.ar/) on Sept. 25, 2009. Pass this link along
to anyone you know who will also pass it along, particularly in South
America or to people from Argentina. The image is shrink-wrapped and baked
onto the computer, and it may still be in place. If it gets found, email a
photo to KarlGude@gmail.com. I would love to do a graphic tracking the
string of connections to find it... Mr. Optomism, here... ;)


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Blogger Parka disse...

I used to sell secondhand laptops.

Even if you manage to locate the laptop, it is extremely difficult to say that the person stole it because he/she could have bought it from the secondhand market.

3 de outubro de 2009 00:49  

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